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Worker's Apron - Delux Model



  • REVOLUTIONARY MAGNETIC POCKET: Tired of clenching your nails and screws between your teeth while working? with our magnetic pocket you won't need to; a carefully sewn magnet inside the chest pocket will enable you to simply attach them to your pocket hassle-free. Add to that our unique headphones loop and you get a perfectly functional work and cooking experience. Perfect for shop work, cooking and kitchen, chefs, cooks, men, and women.
  • PROFESSIONAL HEAVY DUTY WAXED CANVAS: Looking for the best work apron? you found it; hand made and crafted from 16 oz waxed canvas. No more neck pains with our cross back padded shoulder straps. Built with solid brass rivets and grommets. Double-stitched pockets for high functionality and durability. Highly durable and will endure a lot of abuse. Whether its cooking in your kitchen or woodworking, it's built to last.
  • HIGH FUNCTIONALITY: Apron has two large pockets in the front bottom with “Kangaroo” style hand pockets just above. A strategically placed tool loop is available on the right and left hip side. Perfect for tools like hammers, measuring tape, etc. Chest pocket big enough to hold your Cell phone plus a pencil pocket. The perfect work and kitchen apron for men and women.
  • UNISEX & ADJUSTABLE UP TO MEN’S XXL – The extra-long straps along with our buckle for quick release allows for a wide range of sizing. The apron measures at 27 inches wide x 34 inches tall, covering size adjustments of up to Men’s XXL. Will accommodate up to a 50" waist, recommended height is 5' 2" or taller. The perfect fit for both female and male cook, chef, or sous chef.
  • DURABILITY FIRST – Built to withstand the toughest workshops, kitchens, and manual labor. Hand made from 16 oz waxed canvas, fit for taxidermy supplies. Wide use: Woodworking, woodpeckers, carpenter, hairdresser, gardening, butcher, machinist, blacksmith, forging, dad apron, grill, barbecue, bbq, kitchen, cook, chef, professional, server, grilling, restaurant, bakers, barista, bartender, custom, artist, barber, welding, men's, oversized, grill master, birthday gift, adult, garden, heavy-duty.

Taking Care of and Maintaining Your Waxed Canvas Apron:

Regular cleaning will make your apron look top-notch and will also remove any materials that can cause premature wear. Keep stains away by properly caring for your garment.

Here is what you SHOULDN'T do:


  • DO NOT machine wash.
  • DO NOT machine dry or tumble dry.
  • DO NOT clean with warm or hot water/detergents/solvents or bleach.
  • DO NOT dry clean.
  • DO NOT scrub aggressively.


Here is what you SHOULD do:


  • First, remove any dirt, saw dust, grit or any other material by brushing or shaking it away.
  • Apply COLDwater ONLY using a hose or a sponge.
  • Soak the apron using cold water and castile soap and gently rub any tough spots.
  • Make sure to rinse out any remaining soap.
  • HAND DRY in a warm room for 24 hours. Best to avoid direct sunlight.



It is not necessary to rewax but it is highly recommended when you see that the wax finish coating has been damaged. The areas where the wax has been worn out will appear lighter than the rest of the apron. Rewaxing can also be called refinishing:


  • The apron should be clean and dry.
  • Lay apron on a table or any other smooth straight surface.
  • Use fabric wax.
  • Use a brush to apply the wax. Apply it sparingly and evenly for a uniform appearance.
  • Use circular motions.
  • Heat the applied wax with a hairdryer.
  • Apply more wax on tough areas (like seams and pockets).
  • Dry in a well-ventilated area and wipe off any excess wax.

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